7 things to quit doing with social marketing

This article was published on Ragan and titled: 7 ways to create better social media and content marketing campaigns. I found it to be spot on, however, they weren’t really ways to create better social media and content marketing campaigns so much as what to avoid in order to remain authentic and natural.

1. Stop chasing shiny objects. This includes social networks like Meerkat, Snapchat and Pinterest. There will always be “the next big thing,” but you don’t have to chase after it. Chase after your customers instead.

2. Stop using a content marketing calendar. Content calendars make you think about quantity, not quality. Your consumers are already overwhelmed with mediocre content. Don’t give them more.

3. Stop following case studies of organizations “doing great content. ” While those organizations may be rock stars in their markets, they don’t have the relationships with your influencers, customers and stakeholders you do. Figure out your own best practices.

4. Stop using technology to “scale.” While we might preach one-on-one engagement, technology steers us back to the “one-to-many” broadcast model we should avoid.

5. Don’t create content for views or impressions. The social media and mobile era is about sharing and action. Create content to engage with your audience.

6. Don’t assume you only have one audience. There are many types of people you need to speak to-all of whom believe they’re special. Know who they are and create content tailored to them.

7. Stop creating content for your chief marketing officer or client. Remember, there are human beings on the other side of the screen. Treat them like they’re special. It’s your job to make everyone you communicate with feel like they are the only person you want to talk to.

Author: Brian Solis of Altimeter Group

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