Writing for SEO in 2018

Rand Fishkin of Moz always has strong advice for digital marketers, and this piece on SEO was something that had to be shared.

In it, he discusses outdated practices that no longer work and, of course, what does work. But not only that, he outlines a fantastic strategy for writers and the web team to optimize for organic search.

Below is the opening and then a link back to the article for you to read it in its entirety.

Enjoy (and learn – always a good thing!)

What Does It Mean to “Write for SEO” in 2018?

Moz Blog: Content | Copywriting 

“Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat its mistakes” — it’s a quote that’s actually quite applicable when it comes to writing for SEO. Much of the advice given to copywriters, journalists, editors, and other content creators for SEO writing is dangerously out of date, leaning on practices that were once tried and true but that could now get your site penalized.

We hope you enjoy a brief history lesson on what should be avoided, what used to work and no longer does, and a brief 5-step process you should start using today for writing content that’ll get you to the front of the SERPs.

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Author: Rand Fishkin