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See how digital marketing analytics can better inform your work. Read Avinash Kaushik. His website/blog Occam’s Razor on analytics is excellent. Be sure to sign up for his newsletter in the lower right hand of his website.


“The interesting thing about averages is that they hide the truth very effectively.”

“Testing is the biggest no-brainer, and the killer of most stupid ideas… Testing is great because you can get the most important person’s opinion: the customer’s.”

“Web is perhaps the cheapest and most effective channel on the planet right now. No matter what you do you can do it cheaper, faster and more efficiently on the web.”

“Remember, a website is not a monolith that’s used by one type of people. Your job is to figure out what are all of the reasons that it exists for and find the best source to measure it.”

“The web is inherently complex, every bit of it… And it changes every day. The tool is not the answer, it’s the people. Buy the tool you want, but remember the 10/90 rule [$10k in software and invest $90k in great staff] and invest accordingly if you want to win.”

“On the web we all do a very poor job of understanding the customer needs and wants and thus their experience on our sites. …I am a fan of measuring Customer Satisfaction (were you satisfied with your experience on our site today), Primary Purpose (why are you here today) and Task Completion Rate (were you able to complete the task today).”

“If you want to have life-altering web site gains, those won’t happen because you have improved one page on your site or a set of single pages in a silo.”

“When you cross-breed a bunch of metrics to produce a hybrid ‘simple number’, the process, by design, hides insights, hinders the ability to understand performance, and almost never allows the management team to identify root-causes.”

“If you are not spending 30% of your time in 2013 with data, you’ll fail to achieve professional success.”

“Spend 95% of your time defining the problem and 5% of the time solving it.”

“We have so much data on the web, we dive into the the data ocean hoping that magically awesome things will follow. They never do.”

If you prefer the book:

Read Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity

“I believe that most websites suck because HiPPOs create them. HiPPO is an acronym for the “Highest Paid Person’s Opinion.”
― Avinash KaushikWeb Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity

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