Listen to new song: The Calling

The Calling
New Song: The Calling

Well… this one is interesting. I’m not quite sure what to think so I’ll just post it for you to listen to and leave it at that. Lyrics are below. In the future, I’ll add Bandcamp to the platforms used. Nothing wrong with Soundcloud or ReverbNation, just interested in seeing how it works in comparison.

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and an older, but one of my favorites, Put it Down

Another night outside a muted scene

Ringing crowds that fade to gray

Strain to hear above these lonely lies

Unfiltered love you dared to dream


Breathless moments as they drift away

Lost in heaven’s open skies

In the still, a distant siren’s call

When solace fades, you hear it say


Just remember we’re all broken

You can always call on me

When your love is like the ocean

The current sweeps you out to sea


The quiet moment where you felt alone

Now you’re striving for your dreams

But silence lingers on so patiently

The darkest moments pull the seams


But your love is like an ocean

Your fears have drowned in deeper seas

Anytime that you felt broken

You could always call on me


Remember your love is like an ocean

The fears belong in deeper seas

And anytime that you feel broken

You can always call on me


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