New music: Satellite

New music – hope you enjoy!

Solid beat with a warm drive, vocals and just a touch of melancholy.

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Hold On



Alone but not alone with an old friend

Turning pages reading to the end

Reminded of the time that’s slipping by

And memories of things best left unsaid

Still looking up and staring at the sky

The stars are sparkling, singing lullabies

They’re burning through the clouds that have no end

And satellites are slowly drifting in

But the city holds a torch for you tonight

And your promises in time you’ll hold on tight

Were these the years that never said goodbye?

Can’t be the same ones passing through the night

When the loneliness begins to settle in

Remembering the street lights at 3AM

But I’m hoping for the skies to clear tonight

So far below the blinking satellites

And the city lights reflecting in your eyes

As we’re looking out the windows of our lives

But I’m holding out some hope for you tonight

If it comes for you, well promise hold on tight

And the city is a blinking satellite

Never let it go when it seems right

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