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Electronic Dance Track: “Daybreak”

This electronic dance track sat in a folder for awhile. I returned to it after I accidentally heard a draft I had left on my phone. Some may say I should have left it there. However, I dusted this baby off, reworked it and let it run.

There are parts I really like here, there’s also parts that could be better. As an electronic dance number, I really like when it opens up on the second half of the opening verses. After that, I get lost in the details and end up missing the focus at times.

But there’s something there and I went for it. I also tweaked the tempo from 125 to 128bpm. See what you think.


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Put It Down

Hold On



I’m staring at the sun

Thinking of all the things we’ve done

Waiting for the rain

Expecting to feel pain


While it’s dark before the dawn

Must not know what’s going on

If you’re feeling far away

I’m asking you to stay


WhatX3 have we done

Have we wanted to become

Do you say

Or does this all get thrown away


I have a question


Looking at this wrong

We were standing all along

Looking for a way

It’s time for moving on


WhatX3 have we done

Have we wanted to become

Have we said

Is this the world we created


Where do we go

What does the open future hold

What do you say

Is this the break of a new day


I had a question

Where was the sun

I had my doubts then

And now daybreak here it comes


I had a question


From the Music Archives: “Save Another Song”

More music!

Reviewing the SoundCloud music library and realized I had never posted one of my first song efforts since I decided to start sharing what I was doing publicly.

Called “Save Another Song,” I hope you enjoy.

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Turn the Music On


Save Another Song

I’m standing by an open door

Heard someone say we’re through

There’s whispers that we’re over now

Not believing they are true


Beats of thoughts come raining down

Mind is racing far too fast

Next breath seems to disappear

And the moment doesn’t last




This is how we feel



This is who we are


I let you slip by way too soon

Your heart’s the perfect way

I’m living in the moment now

Praying you will stay




This is how we feel



This is who we are


Save another song x5


I’m with you

Save another song

I’m with you

Listen to new song: The Calling

New Song: The Calling

Well… this one is interesting. I’m not quite sure what to think so I’ll just post it for you to listen to and leave it at that. Lyrics are below. In the future, I’ll add Bandcamp to the platforms used. Nothing wrong with Soundcloud or ReverbNation, just interested in seeing how it works in comparison.

Other recent songs include:

Hold On


Turn the Music On

and an older, but one of my favorites, Put it Down

Another night outside a muted scene

Ringing crowds that fade to gray

Strain to hear above these lonely lies

Unfiltered love you dared to dream


Breathless moments as they drift away

Lost in heaven’s open skies

In the still, a distant siren’s call

When solace fades, you hear it say


Just remember we’re all broken

You can always call on me

When your love is like the ocean

The current sweeps you out to sea


The quiet moment where you felt alone

Now you’re striving for your dreams

But silence lingers on so patiently

The darkest moments pull the seams


But your love is like an ocean

Your fears have drowned in deeper seas

Anytime that you felt broken

You could always call on me


Remember your love is like an ocean

The fears belong in deeper seas

And anytime that you feel broken

You can always call on me


New music: Satellite

New music – hope you enjoy!

Solid beat with a warm drive, vocals and just a touch of melancholy.

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Hold On



Alone but not alone with an old friend

Turning pages reading to the end

Reminded of the time that’s slipping by

And memories of things best left unsaid

Still looking up and staring at the sky

The stars are sparkling, singing lullabies

They’re burning through the clouds that have no end

And satellites are slowly drifting in

But the city holds a torch for you tonight

And your promises in time you’ll hold on tight

Were these the years that never said goodbye?

Can’t be the same ones passing through the night

When the loneliness begins to settle in

Remembering the street lights at 3AM

But I’m hoping for the skies to clear tonight

So far below the blinking satellites

And the city lights reflecting in your eyes

As we’re looking out the windows of our lives

But I’m holding out some hope for you tonight

If it comes for you, well promise hold on tight

And the city is a blinking satellite

Never let it go when it seems right

New music: Turn the Music On

New Electronic Music: “Turn the Music On!”

Sometimes, the only thing keeping your head straight is the music. In this case, a little upbeat electronic music.


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Turn the Music On


So you’re feeling kind of low

You’ve nowhere else to go

Feeling broken and alone

In a place you don’t call home


Hold your head up high

Let your spirit touch the sky

Sing the words out loud

Turn your feelings into sound


Time to turn the music on


Sometimes you just don’t care

Just need a little air

You got up in today

You can throw it all away


Hold your head up high

And let your spirit touch the sky

Sing the words out loud

And let the music break the clouds


Hold your head up high

And let your fingers touch the sky

Sing the words out loud

And turn your feelings into sound


Time to turn the music on

New music: SOS

Listen to electronic track: “SOS”

Listen to the new melancholy music track – let’s look out for each other out there.

We’ll be back with marketing updates, but let’s take a short break and listen. Enjoy!




Also listen to Put It Down


She was the one who walked alone home almost every night

Who learned to play guitar at home

With braces and an awkward way

Who often wrote songs on her own


But as the years passed by her smile slowly wore away

She seemed to have less confidence in all she did

So when their awful words would last until the day would fade

Her tears would reflect blue light from the screen that said


You’re all alone

And you’re no one

All alone


I’m sending out an SOS

I only hope someone listens

Like an echo from the shore

A wave that sounds no more


Remember the day she didn’t show at all

It was another two before they were called out

So many said, “That, yes they made fun but she seemed alright”

The music stops, it all goes by and they play on


Yes, they’re someone

They’re playing on

Playing on


I’m sending out an SOS

Only hope someone listens

Like an echo from the shore

A wave that sounds no more


She’s sending out an SOS

Only hopes that you listen

An echo from the shore

A wave that sounds no more