Core metrics for measuring marketing’s financial performance

This is an essential marketing white paper that applies to any industry (paper’s focus is on healthcare) by the fine folks over at Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development – here’s the intro and link.

HAVE YOU BEEN IN THIS MEETING? IT’S BUDGET TIME. Marketing says it is contributing financially to the organization. Finance asks, “How?” After 30 minutes of back and forth, the stalemate ends in less than a draw. No one wins, especially the healthcare system. But even after thirty-some years of contributions to healthcare systems, the marketing profession has yet to develop standardized guidelines for measuring its financial performance. In this time of accelerated accountability, it is a fact that the absence of measurable standards is no longer acceptable—for any discipline. Fortunately, efforts are underway to establish both basic standards and advanced metrics for healthcare marketers. This white paper focuses on efforts to date to achieve both.